Monday, September 22, 2008

Was checking out my resilience options today and the disheartening conclusion here is that I seem only able to hit about 455 without gemming specifically for it...I am loathe to do so because I don't really think it's that worth it *shrug*. I was galvanised by discovering that my former twos partner and stilll-current Partner in the Long-Suffering For Instance PVP Minority apparently hit 495 which is just about the cap (497.5). Of course he has the benefit of a shield as well as a weapon which gives him an extra 30 or so. Oh well. I have a lot less time than I thought to grab my arena gear before Wrath comes out middle of November so eek.

In other news though I'm close to exalted with the Stormpike Guard (the easy one) and that's a third of the way to the Justicar title I want. And speaking of Wrath, you can get a "The Argent Champion" title if you're exalted with both the Argent Dawn and the Argent Crusade. I knew all that grinding for AD rep was going to pay off eventually :-).

And today with the assistance of trusty Sherpa guide Filby I went mountaineering and climbed WOWverest:

0X00: Me and Filby survey the peak with trepidation, yet determined that we shall ascend the summit. Filby expresses an optimistic hope that we will encounter some Blood Elves along the way, that he may sate his bloodlust and fill his little vials with blood.

0Y00: We have reached base camp. To Filby's great distress, no Blood Elves yet sighted. We replenish our packs from the gnomes, who engage in a mindlessly repetitive "throw stick into fire" action. We try to get some information about the weather, assuming they must have attempted the ascent earlier, but they are unresponsive.

0Z37: I have arrived at the summit! I try not to be unsettled by the skeleton next to the posted flag. Filby, despite my fervent entreaties that the top is "RIGHT over THERE!", thinks he sees a Blood Elf when we are not fifty feet from the summit and instead of making history, runs off to investigate this phantasm. Therefore I keep the glory for myself.