Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HPM Chart (non-holiday)

ETA 4/2/10 : With the drastic revamp of 3.3.3 the below data is wildly outdated! I will be making a new chart soon, but the relative values of one to the other, I expect, will remain reasonably similar. Keep that in mind :-)

Holiday BattlegroundWinning HPMLosing HPMOverall HPM (inc. marks)Overall Percentages
Arathi Basin55.8337.3278.8890%
Eye of the Storm71.8134.1287.6100%
Strand of the Ancients77.0529.9886.699%
Warsong Gulch47.822.7358.1666%

I'm not going to go into the big long math list on this again, as you can find it elsewhere on blog if you so chose, and also because at some vague point in the future I plan to make a comprehensive "Here's the Math Behind Everything" general post, but I will be putting a link back to this chart on the sidebar so as I update it it will be available for easy reference.

Little suggests itself from these numbers for now due to the missing of the two 40-man beasts, IOC & AV. If I had to venture a guess based on the holiday proportions I would say AV is probably Still the Place To Go, and IOC fairly middling -- there's a fairly consistent clumping in the middle, with AV a high-end outlier and WSG a very disappointingly low-end one. But hell, nobody who has any sense actually needed concrete math to tell them that.

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cynwise said...

You might not need concrete math to avoid Warsong Gulch, but it's sure nice to have data behind your hunches.