Sunday, October 11, 2009

AV : The Smell of Win

Like wow, is Alterac Valley my friend on holiday weekend. I've done 12 games so far, and will update tomorrow with more b/c with numbers like this I'm certainly not stopping. I went 7-5, not quite a good representation as our battlegroup runs 48% win, and the numbers came out :

Winning HPM : 100.17 / 132.86*
Losing HPM : 95.41
Overall HPM : 97.69 / 113.36*
Mark Honor : 33.06

TOTAL BG HONOR, AV-HOLIDAY : 130.75 / 146.42*

A word of explanation is in order. The first number, in the places above where two are listed, is an unadjusted number using my standard mathematics elucidated elsewhere. However, two of my seven wins were turtles, which SHAFTED the honor per minute rate (down to around 40, even when we won). However, those were the only two games overall that went that way. Because I have a comparatively small sample size here (as yet) I modified my winning numbers by multiplying the non-turtle wins by 80% and the turtle ones by 20% to reduce the, IMO, overly prejudicial impact those numbers were having. Outstandingly noticeable out of this run, five out of my seven wins (the non-turtle ones) and two of the losses (!) gave in excess of 120 HPM, which is a ridiculously lovely number when you consider that other BGs on holiday you're happy to get 85.

My theory is that the way in which holidays give you extra honor is based on attaining different BG objectives (capping a flag in WSG is the easy example here), and b/c AV is so big that it has so many different objectives, there's lots of room to rack up tons of bonus honor. OTOH, to take one win that I did that was a scant 50 seconds from Stormpike Perfection, one of the turtle wins, we only did about 90 hpm despite keeping all our towers and burning all of theirs, keeping balinda, etc. So maybe I'm just full of crap.

I'll post a chart tomorrow after I update my sheet for the end of the holiday, but these quick percentage numbers should convey the magnitude of awesomeness that AV on holiday is :

Total numbers, bg + marks:

AV : 100%
SOTA : 67%
EOTS : 60%
IOC : 59%
AB : 54%

Only Warsong Gulch left and I can make a comprehensive post on holiday weekend FTW, especially since my Sox just got swept out of the ALDS and aren't going to be starting the ALCS then :-\.

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cynwise said...

That is astonishingly good. Yowza.

I think the key to a good HPM is to be fast enough to get all the objectives and rack up HKs but avoid a turtle. There's a finite amount of honor to be gained from objectives, so if you cap all four towers, grab two mines, and then immediately kill the boss you'll do better than getting all the objectives and then settling in for 20 minutes of killing the enemy.

And the Blitz is really only good for Marks and Achievements.