Friday, December 4, 2009

With Busy Apologies

For leaving the one-reading community in a lurch last month. I was much preoccupied with :

Finally, after five years of trying...success! Anyways, all that writing does tend to make other writing get...well...put to the side. Bit of a burnout, doncha know. Also I just dinged my rogue to 80 and getting massacred in arenas in my crafted pvp gear does tend to distract the eye. Note to self : how come I can't wipe people out like rogues are always doing to me? What's the deal with that?

But I promise I shall make it up to you : over the next couple of days, a ginormous, pictorially-delicious, three-part post on BG healing. Part 1 to follow immediately after this post.

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