Friday, June 11, 2010

A Picture is worth a thousand words!

and I lack the words to express my head-shaking outrage, anyway, at Blizzard reintroducing the snare to Tree of Life form. No, actually, WTF doesn't begin to cover it.

Tree of Life needs to be like this (jump it to 8:30, sorry) :

and not like this.

Yuk yuk, they're TREES, therefore it would be HILARIOUS to ROOT them to the ground!

If my roots are so powerful they slow me by 50%, then I had damn well better be able to cast Entangling roots at a 40 yard range, on no diminishing returns, on up to three targets, and maybe throw in making it an instant cast. That MIGHT even out the terrible, terrible idea it is to reintroduce this idea.

As Beru said so other form is penalized for shifting into the tree-defining (pardon the pun) form. So not only does everyone else get to keep their form while ours is reduced to a cooldown with 17% uptime, our CD has negatives associated with it that nobody in their right mind would consider worth it, with the anticipated-heavy-movement fights in Cata, to say nothing of the always-movement-intensive PvP?

Fail, Blizz. Way to fail hard.


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Kirono said...

Well in a bg I can envision it as one of those CDs you blow when you're hiding behind a brawl, and then cut it off when someone engages you directly *shrug*, but yeah, this is a blow in large-movement oriented pve fights. But hopefully Blizz will try and accomodate this in said fights, much as they say they will try to do for the loss of poison removal spells by having fewer aeo poisons or diseases