Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Announcement

No, not *that* announcement.

Active January 1st, Ihra will be back on WoW...temporarily. When it came down to it it was just too hard to make a decision between WoW & LotRO so my wife and I have decided to alternate on and off. So expect a fair amount of posting

Jan 1 - Feb 28

May 1 - Jun 30

Sept 1 - Oct 31

and a slim pickens of posting in those off-months when I'm back on LotRO. Hopefully this compromise proves workable...if not I guess I'll have to make an actual decision and it's so much easier to not do that.

Ihra will be 85 in a week or less and then there will be stat-whoring aplenty for 85 BGs, I promise :)

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