Thursday, August 20, 2009

How Not To Get Healed

Excuse, rant/request following.

Had a lovely time losing Strand just now and thought I would share this snippet of conversation:

FYI, this is how you do not get healed in a battleground.

1) You do not have a personal special attention healer dedicated to your every little owie. I'm not even sure we would want that b/c then there's only like...7 dps in a sota battle. I can't watch everything and everyone, and, it's a bg? Everyone's getting hurt? And I'm in the middle of it with people usually trying to pound on me too. I have to save me before I can save you ya know?

2) Also, real pro to insult me and then quickly put me on ignore so I can't respond to you. He was a boomkin too which upsets me on behalf of the whole class. Mind you he topped the damage charts so I'm sure he knows what he's doing dps wise but...dude. I'm doing what I can and I'm sorry that that didn't make you immortal and keep you from dying that time.

And in case you were wondering:

I was second and not by a large margin on heals...I am not a slacker. You are not a healer. Show some appreciation and remember back in burning crusade when you frequently didn't even have ONE healer in a should be happy you had three this time and leave it at that.


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cynwise said...

I am flabbergasted at this DPS. Please don't think that we all think that way!