Wednesday, September 9, 2009

All of which means what?

So now there are two battlegrounds to compare, Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. Comparatively, and hoping my table-making skills are up to par :

BattlegroundWinning HPMLosing HPMOverall HPM
Warsong Gulch47.822.7334.05
Arathi Basin57.937.3249.67

Now that is, as previously mentioned, specific to my battlegroup, and further, to resto druids on the alliance side, and we could throw tons and tons of caveats into that if we wanted to. My solution is to reduce this to a percentage; I am the same across all battlegrounds I do, and presumably you are as well. So I think if we put this in ratios that should be serviceable for anybody, at least for winning & losing. Your overall HPM will vary, because different battlegroups have different win/loss percentages. In any event,

BattlegroundWinning HPM (%)Losing HPM (%)Overall HPM
Warsong Gulch836169
Arathi Basin100100100

So the current Leader then is Arathi that it is better in Arathi Basin than Warsong Gulch for HPM; I suspected that might be the case, not least because there are more people in AB and therefore more potentials for killing. One might also observe that in overall HPM (which category is specific to my battlegroup, at pains to remind) WSG is about 2/3 of AB. Conveniently, say, the ratio of 10:15, the number of players. I may be leaping to conclusions here, with only two things to judge off of. Just an interesting hypothesis, for now...we'll see if that holds up on further study.

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cynwise said...

Can't wait to see if Alterac Valley comes out on top. I suspect it might, but hunches mean nothing when you can have data.