Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back and better...though blind

85 has been attained. Quickly, run to respec reglyph etc. Accidentally hit my tree shapeshift in stormwind before I had picked up the proper glyph to use Old Tree Form. Now blinded, but still hankering to kill. Tactical note for druids : glyph this. New tree form shouts "I'm a healer kill me!". Old tree form still 95% shouts that...but you have the same model as boomkin treants. And those few seconds of confusion if you use it right (= when a boomkin casts force of nature)could obscure your presence as a healer long enough to do something useful. Grab any edge!

Incidentally, on that killing subject? Twilight Highlands is a great place to ding 85...because the whole zone is like HORDE ARE BASTARDS KILL THEM ALL NAOW. So I was frothing ready to do just that as soon as I hit 85.

Ran a Battle for Gilneas before being called to work. In two pieces of resto gear, the rest all feral pve levelling junk, and I did this :

That ain't right peeps...get it together. Especially when in addition to junk gear, I was basically hitting random buttons because the only heal I used levelling was lifebloom and that feral-procced free instant healing touch. Not a good training on the new differences between spells, btw.

Having a get-out-of-jail card is still king. I mourned its absence on at least six different occasions during the BG.

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Feral Tree said...

LOL I never thought of the Treant form being used to disguise yourself amongst Boomkin treants - quite a good idea! Personally I just love the old treant form, I was bugging my guildies to see if they'd learned the glyph the second it went live so I could glyph it asap. Can't stand the new model personally! My next thing I want to test is if the Deepstone oil (which freezes you into a rock, sort of) will keep me frozen in treant form... then I shall /dance in SW, freeze, and /afk. :D