Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arena Season 7 : Teh Funnyzors Wrap

With the arena season coming to an end last week, I decided it was time to compile a representative list of team names we faced this go-round. Without further ado, because how much introduction does something like this really need, the good, bad, and the funny, with a tacked-on head-scratching!


1. "Ebay Sold me a DK"
2. "Get the DK not Me" -- which is representative of several teams that tongue-in-cheek made reference to a nonexistent partner on the team. In this case, there was no DK anyway.
3. "Hit the MagOHGODCYCLONE" -- ditto above, I'm not sure this team had a druid OR a mage on it.
4. "Not now Mom" - I don't even want to think how many times this has been said in the heat of a brutal arena match.
5. "stop laughing right meow" -- Does it really mean anything? No. But it's got that light touch of whimsy that made me and Kity both smile.


1. "for points only" -- it would be funny, except for the number of teams with some variant on it...much overused.
2. "UR MOMs MY EPIC MOUNT" -- similar reasons to the above, except this doesn't even have the virtue of being funny on its own.
3. "we touch young children" -- sorry boys, there's funny, and there's offensive, and this was way over the line.
4. "dont kill us" -- again...a stale, overused concept, along with teams like "are we dead yet"...it's supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek self-deprecating funny but it just falls flat.
5. "sloppy secunds" -- Geeks who think they prove their leet hotness by cracking misogynistic jokes, your mom jokes, sex jokes...wrong, it proves you're immature. If you're getting some, you don't need to constantly stroke it about how you're getting some.


2. "JFK Shouldve Bubbled" -- it borders right on the verge of being in bad taste, but it made us laugh anyway.
3. "Walmart Geared"
4. "She looked level sixteen" -- I give this a pass because blizzard already made the joke with their Noblegarden hijinks.
5. "Earthshield carry us" -- it's a similar self-deprecation, I think, but carried off with a little more class than the simple "don't kill us" appeal.


1. "Too Fat to LoS" -- I guess it's funny too but...if I recall correctly this was not a team of big toons...blood elves, actually.
3. "rng rng banana phone"
4. "Blueberry Scourge"
5. "Anything"

What about you? Any memorable team names on your list of opponents this season?

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Shield said...

"Stop laughing right meow" is a reference to a movie called Super Troopers. (Which is hilarious, if you have not seen it).