Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Other leafy blogs

I commented on some blogs I've started reading but neglected to put them in my blogroll, which is a crying shame especially as Soph over at VTB wrote an extremely kind linkback to me a week and a half ago. So, class-interested among you --

The View Through The Branches - It's a tree...but an intelligent, creatively artistic one with a nice mix of humor and helpful information. Have particularly enjoyed guides on some of the heroic achieves, though Ihra is only down I think...six? for his glory of the hero.

Falling Leaves and Wings - More tree...but like the kind of tree I like to sort of pretend I might someday end up being like because, woah, she's in progression content and stuff and...I'm definitely not. Proud owner of two guild wipes on Twin Val'Kyr yesterday here, thank you very much.

Righteous Orbs - As near as I can figure, it's a pally blog. I mean it has the word Righteous in it, right? But it's very very funny, and I love how he imbues each of his characters with their own personality. I do a *little* of that (my mage never learned to swim, for example) but...Tam leaves me dwarfed in that regard.

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