Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Asshat Server

I remember reading a while ago (I think at Righteous Orbs but I could be mistaken) how every battlegroup seems to have one of Those Servers -- you get in a random pug with them, and people from that server seem to be obnoxious asshats in higher percentages than others. I have come to the conclusion that on the Cyclone battlegroup that role is being filled by Suramar. I still remember with pain a rogue I had from there in a HOR *weeks* ago who was one of those totally obnoxious people who keep trying to railroad their idiot ways of doing things over what the majority of the group wants to do. Anyway, got a pair of suramar idjits today in my last pug before my T10 gloves (side note: WTH is up with all this crit on t10 tree gear? MOAR HASTE PLOX), which is the only reason I stuck it out instead of bailing.

I promise there will be something useful tomorrow, and in light of Gnomeaggedon's post about bitch:joy ratio I should clarify that with these two or three exceptions, the vast majority of my pugs have been wonderful, clean experiences with asshattery nowhere in evidence. But for today... rant incoming.

Daily pops : UK, hooray, nice and short. Pally tank ("R"), DK ("C")/mage ("L")/rogue dps. Goes ok except that the mage and the DK in particular keep pulling aggro. I didn't think to look at that part of the recount after but I would bet they took more damage than the tank did. At one point working our way up the stairs to Dalronn/Skarvald I whispered the tank and said, "Do you think if I used the word aggro to these people, they would know what I meant?" and he whispers back "Prolly not." Perhaps inspired by my display of comradely confidence in him, he gets up the nerve to ask in party chat:

So the DK takes him up on his offer to basically DPS-tank, and we drop D/S in record time for me (20-something seconds I think), which we only managed because these idiots DID have awesome dps -- 4500 apiece, I think -- but just b/c you CAN bring it to the table, doesn't mean that you should. My mage Forol has taken to pulling 2100 dps in heroics. I COULD pull 4-500 more, but I don't, because the mobs are still dying insane-fast, and I decided that threat management is more important. There are enough people already who don't care about that. Anyway, Mr. So-Hot-He-Can-DPS-Tank decides to criticize the Former Tank, who is doing his best to dps in tank spec and dps gear, with:

Now I've been grimly soldiering on with this because I want my T10 but...there's a limit to my asshattery tolerance. Monsieur le mage didn't get healed for the rest of the instance. I wish I could say that the story ended well with the mage lying in a puddle of goo on the floor but we were out on the balcony by that point so there wasn't much I could do to get him killed. Also at that point I realized not only were they both from Suramar, they were both from the same guild, so my guess is they queued together. Guess I confirm what Gnomer says in that afore-linked post, that asshats seem to travel in packs. I ditched group the second the boss was down, without bothering to click any loot. I make them wait for it, that's my petty vengeance. Le sigh.


EveLeaf said...

I'm not sure it's that asshats travel in packs. Individually, these people are probably fine. I think it's probably the "pack" itself that gives them the nerve to be asshats. They feel emboldened to pick on someone (first the tank, then you) because they are backing each other up.

crankyhealer said...

What a couple of jerks. If it weren't for that nice tank, I would have requeued and left them to find a healer who would "cast spells and stfu."

With cross server LFG's, blizzard is going to have to increase the capacity of ignore lists.