Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gnomer Challenges

And Ihra shall answer!

This is not a story about Ihra, however : it is a story about Isnota...which is a joke on the fact that nearly all of my characters have a familial relationship (-yeep being the surname of my favorite house of nobility in my novel-in-progress). Hence, Isnotayeep...except that you could argue that, having yeep as his last name, he IS in fact a Yeep despite his first name's argument to the contrary. ANYWAY that is quite besides the point. Isnotayeep is a budding warrior tank -- incidentally, if you want wicked-short-queues, roll a tank -- who ventured on Friday night into Shadowfang Keep, which is a lot less confusing than I remember it being. Maybe that's because at level it seems more straightforward than at 80 where you just kind of...wander around aimlessly b/c you're not worried about pulling stuff.

So the mage unlocks the door, ports himself out (aside: why didn't he just port himself out of the cell in the first place?), we head down the stairs, and I lose a mob to the mage. I apologise and get the somewhat odd response "It's OK Sugar, you're doing great!". Not the "great" part, mind you, I like having my ego stroked, but I don't think I've been called sugar in a while, even by my wife. The druid was a great healer, we pulled everything smoothly, and somewhere in Arugal's tower I asked the mage to stop charging in and frost novaing everything, which after a whimsical back-and-forth revealed that the mage and the healer were a married team and that they'd basically had crap for tanks earlier in the evening. I fished for a compliment saying that I hoped I wasn't adding to their terrible night and the druid obligingly fell into the trap and told me how awesome I was ;-).

The run was smooth and lovely and we requeued and ran it again afterwards. So...cheers on a good pug to these fine people over on feathermoon, the rogue silent partner (and shouldn't he be?) Riverside-Bloodscalp, and the warrior Ocis-Stormscale.

<3 Hugzors!

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